Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Technical Side of Landscaping: Landscape Symbols (part 1 of 2)

Just like any art and science activities, landscaping is also using technical symbols. These landscape symbols are usually easily understood by those that are in the same career or business circle. Through these graphics or signs, landscape designers are able to understand and read a landscape layout without further explanations and texts. Usually, these design symbols are also classified into types. And to ensure that everything gets covered, even bricks and pavements are assigned with a relative drawing or graphics. Among the most relevant and prevalent in the landscaping business and designing are as follows:

- Deciduous shrubs. These can be in a single irregular circular plant-like graphic as well as in a continuous one to show whether the plant to be implanted is lone or in also continuous.

- Evergreen shrubs. These are drawn in the same irregular circular graphic, but this time with lines to close the circle or all lines having a focal point at the very middle of the drawing. It can also be just the same picture as the deciduous shrub but with a paralleling lines inside to emphasis it as an evergreen plant.

- Large deciduous trees. These are drawn n the way a tree may appear when you look at it at top view. Simple ones appear in irregular circular forms with a bold dot in the middle while more emphasized ones are in  an irregular circular graphic with leaves-looking drawings inside it as well as a branching drawing in the middle.

- Large evergreen trees. These are drawn like the evergreen shrubs but this time, bigger and with a point in the middle.

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